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About Breathwork

Breathwork is a simple technique utilizing conscious breathing and evocative music. The purpose of breathwork is to connect yourself with the pleasure of being alive and experience the divine love that is inherent in all of us.

In breathwork, all you actually do is lie down on your back and breathe. You breathe and you breathe and you breathe for an hour or more. What happens is quite astounding----your body wakes up. Normal defenses that prevent you from feeling trapped emotional trauma magically fall away, and you are able to release feelings that you might not even know were hiding in your body tissues. The ancient numbness begins to melt away, and you may begin to tingle or feel hot or cold and spontaneously move your body. 

Once the energy breaks through, you feel an enormous release and relaxation throughout your body. This phenomenon allows you to heal years of repressed emotional blockages that you simply cannot get to in traditional talk therapy. I’ve had clients tell me that they have healed in one breathwork session trauma they’ve been unable to release in 20 years of therapy.

This CONSCIOUS breathing provides emotional transformation brought about by insights, new thoughts & understandings, and beliefs about life and oneself. By releasing blocked energies suppressed in the physical body during the sessions, the breather often experiences improvement in mental, emotional, and physical health or freedom from specific pain and/or discomfort.

Although the process is simple and can be learned quite easily, it is recommended that you receive the support of an experienced breathworker for the first several sessions, whether that is on an individual basis or in a group setting.

The energy of a group breathwork is much stronger than working individually and the power of the group also offers additional support and healing.

To schedule your individual or group breathwork session in Waukesha, WI, or Bonita Springs, FL


Individual session 2 hrs. $120

Group session 3 - 4 hrs. $100 per person

Contact Joan at:


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