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Joan Raveling M.Ed.

is a teacher, intuitive healer, healing artist, and empathic guide. Her life's mission to use the wisdom, experience, and healing gifts she's been blessed with to empower others in finding and embodying their soul purpose.

She specializes in emotional healing from trauma, unhealthy family of origin programming, and inner child wounding. Her passion is to help others heal from depression, anxiety disorders, addictions, and toxic relationship issues. Joan uses a wide repertoire of vibrational healing tools and Energy Medicine modalities. Joan believes that all illness takes root first in the emotional body. By using her empathic gift, she can assist you in identifying your core wound so that you can heal and step into your divine nature. You are made of pure LOVE.

Joan is a 1997 graduate of the Inner Focus School of Advanced Energy Healing under AlixSandra Parness; DD. She trained with Caroline Myss; PhD., and Norm Shealy; MD in Intuition and Energy Medicine, and is certified in Breathwork, Spiritual Psychology, Reiki, and many other modalities of Energy Medicine. She has followed a Bhakti Yoga path since 1991. Some of her teachers include Joyce Lynn MSW, Nancy Retzlaff, Cary Loose Ph.D, AlixSandra Parness, Deborah Mills, Laurel Mamet, Sheilana Massey & Jim Morningstar, Ph.D.

Individual sessions by appointment:

2312 N. Grandview Blvd. Suite 101

Waukesha, WI


Seasonally in Bonita Springs, FL

 Turn the World to Love

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