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What can Advanced Energy Healing do for you

by Joan Raveling, AEH, M.Ed.

Advanced Energy Healing is a healing system developed by Dr. Robert Jaffe, and refined by AlixSandra Parness of the Inner Focus School of Advanced Energy Healing. What makes it “advanced” is that with guidance, the client uses his/her own awareness to track and release energy. Some energy healing techniques passively allow the energy to go where it’s needed for healing. I use that approach for individuals who want to relax, re-charge, and balance their energies. For those who want a deeper healing session, I involve the client in the Advanced Energy Healing process which ensures that the core reason for a block or imbalance is brought to awareness, and therefore can be released from the body. You are in charge of how deep you want the healing to go.

The healing methods I used were learned in three years of training in the Inner Focus School of Advanced Energy Healing (AlixSandra Parness, D.D. /Dr. Robert Jaffe & Barbara Brennan techniques), Carolyn Myss & Norm Shealy, Energy Medicine training, Reiki, Transformations School of Spiritual Psychology, Donna Eden Energy Medicine, Breathwork & Inner Child work with Cary Loose, Ph.D, & Joyce Lynn, in addition to my own personal experience and style that I have developed since 1990. My personal healing work allows me to be a clear channel for healing energy and guidance. My job is to assist your guides in teaching you how to activate your own innate healing ability. I channel the energy through my hands, which awakens and strengthens your energy system. I amplify your own healing process and gently assist you to the place of divine grace where all healing takes place. You are empowered to be your own best friend and healer.

I believe, as Carolyn Myss explains below, that all disease begins on the emotional level. As a society, we aren’t very good at expressing and releasing emotion. Most of us have been taught to “tough it out”, “don’t be weak”, stuff those feelings and power on. The problem is.... these feeling go underground and are trapped in your body where they wreak all kinds of havoc. Do you wonder why you repeat the same painful experiences over and over, why things aren’t working in your life, where your feelings of passion, joy, and well-being have gone? It is because of the unreleased trauma, unexpressed emotion, and negative thought programming that sits in your body blocking you from experiencing your true divine nature. Energy Healing activates the body’s innate healing process. Symptoms of a disease can be treated with drugs and sometimes cured, but not necessarily healed until the core cause of the illness is addressed. Unless the core cause is dealt with, often the disease returns. True healing is done on the emotional & spiritual levels, where disease begins.

I evaluate the imbalances in your energy system, and using your awareness and my intuitive sense, we work to find the trapped energy preventing optimal health and happiness. These energies could be from trauma experienced at anytime in your life, unhealthy thought forms programmed from childhood, or negative energy that you pick up just being around it. We work to release the core causes of these imbalances before they can manifest in physical disease as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual maladies. 

Advanced Energy Healing is also deeply relaxing and connects you to Universal Energy Source. Once you experience the power of the divine in YOU... you understand that you have the power to heal yourself. You have the power of the universe inside you. Sometimes it just takes a little digging to find that power or to remember who you are. I believe in the adage “God helps those who help themselves”. We all have our own answers when we trust and listen to that still small voice within. I aspire to be a guide for re-connecting you to the infinite wisdom, love, and power of the divine that resides within you.

For more information:

Take Charge of Your Health by Carolyn Myss, PhD

The Human Energy Field

Everything that is alive pulsates with energy and all of this energy contains information. Your physical body projects an energy field that extends as far as your outstretched arms and the full length of your body. It is both an information center and a highly sensitive perceptual system. We are constantly 'in communication' with everything around us through this system.

Within your energy field exists emotional energy, which is created by your internal and external experiences. These experiences can be positive and negative, fleeting or long-lasting:

  • Past and present relationships
  • Profound or traumatic experiences and memories
  • Belief patterns and attitudes, including all spiritual and supererstitious beliefs

Your emotions reside physically in your body and interact with your cells and tissues.

Your Biography Becomes Your Biology

Emotional energy contributes to the formation of cell tissue, and forms an energy language which carries literal and symbolic information. In this way, your biography--that is, the experiences that make up your life--becomes your biology. Your body contains your history--every chapter, line and verse of every event and relationship in your life. As your life unfolds your biological health becomes a living, breathing biographical statement that conveys your strengths, weaknesses, hopes and fears.

Every thought you have travels through your biological system and activates a physiological response. Some thoughts--like fear--are like depth charges, causing a reaction throughout your body; a loving thought can relax your entire body. Some thoughts are more subtle, and still others are unconscious. Many are meaningless and pass through the body like wind through a screen.

Personal Power and Healing

Learning the symbolic language of energy means learning to evaluate the dynamics of power in yourself and others. Energy information is always truthful and your relationship to power greatly influences your health. Our lives are structured around power symbols such as money, authority, title, beauty and security. In countless situations and relationships the underlying dynamic at work is the negotiation of power: who has it, and how can we maintain our share of it. Managing personal power and your symbolic and physical relationship to power symbols is an essential component in facilitating your healing.

Healing and curing are not the same thing. Curing is the successful controlling or abatement of an illness, that does not necessarily include alleviation of the emotional and psychological stresses that were a part of the illness. The process leading to a cure is generally passive, where the patient gives over authority to the physician and/or prescribed treatment. Healing is an active and internal process that includes investigating ones attitudes, memories, beliefs, and relationships to power. The desire is to release all negative patterns that prevent one's full emotional and spiritual recovery.

Myss, Carolyn. Anatomy of the Spirit. New York: Harmony Books, 1996.

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