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Wow! Major changes! My head is so clear! My belly and feet 90% better. Incredible. What an amazing experience being surrounded by healers. I'm definitely in once I'm fully recovered. This is the healing way of the future.

Barb S. after a group healing session 

"Working with Joan has allowed me to dig deeply into my core issues and open myself to the Joy that is innate in me in a way that traditional counseling or therapy could not. Doing "personal work" from a spiritual place is difficult in a more traditional setting. Joan speaks my language and brings not only her education and experience, but her deeply intuitive process in a way that constantly amazes. I walk away from a session with Joan feeling deeply connected to other souls and with a firm belief in the power of my own Journey. Through our work together she has helped me recognize the Divine within me which in turn affects my children and my community and brings me great peace. Working with Joan is one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself. "

Katie H.​

Educator for The United Way 

"I have known Joan for years. She is a seasoned healer and teacher. Bless you Joan, and all the good you do!"

Gabrielle Laden


I have NO PAIN in my back today!!!!! That's a first in months!!!

Many, many blessings to you!"

Aimee Brown


Joan is a gifted master practitioner. She was able to clear my energy

so that my body was able to begin healing after a traumatic car accident. Without her gift, I would have been "stuck" in the traditional medicine loop. Thank you for healing my body and soul.

Leslie P.

Physical Therapist

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